Handstand Canes 2.0 — DISCOUNTED!

An older version of our best canes for a yummy price!

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Material of rodsPowder painted steel
Material of wooden blocks100% oak wood protected by mineral oil
Dimensions of base60cm (23.6in) × 40cm (15.7in)
Material of base1st class painted plywood
Full weight6kg (13.2lb) (standart)

$ 143.50


$ 205.00

  • 30cm (14.9in)
  • 45cm (17.7in)
  • 60cm (23.6in)

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1. Interchangeable block system.

2. 100% plywood bases. Durable and lightweight with a saved wooden texture.

3. Rods are cut out with plasma and protected by durable powder painting.

Canes for handstand are a great tool for improving your handstand skill. They are good for experienced hand balancers as well as for those with a little experience and are to be used by both: adults and children. The good grip provides better body control and more solid handstand experience.

The canes are attached to the base with bolts so they can be disassembled and transported, so are the top blocks that makes them changeable. The max. weight of the user is 100 kg. Solid construction helps to prevent any shaking or movements of the canes during a performance.

Awesome matte base has a very professional look. The canes come disassembled with all the hardware, no need in any tools. Securely packed and shipped worldwide.

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Very good quality and looking vey good !!!

I ordered the this canes cuz i wanted something not expensive and in good quality.
I got the canes and the quality is very good!!!!
Very good looking canes !!!!
Very Comfortable !!!!
I didnt know the canes company before that but im sure you all gonna hear about them !!! I already searching the next stuff to order from them (:
Highly recommended this canes or everything else here !!!

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Handstand Canes 2.0 — DISCOUNTED!

Handstand Canes 2.0 — DISCOUNTED!

An older version of our best canes for a yummy price!

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